Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicle Compatibility

Scooter and wheelchair lifts are generally compatible with most mini-vans, standard vans, SUVs and trucks. There are some models that may also work with some full-size car models.

Exterior Lifts & Hitches

Most of the exterior lifts that we sell are designed for a Class II hitch, but a Class III hitch adapter is usually available. Please note that if you have a Class I hitch on your car you will not be able to use a lift designed for a Class II hitch, you will need to select a scooter lift that is specifically designed for use with a Class I hitch.

Most of the larger, heavier scooters will require a Class II or III hitch with the proper weight capacity. Details are available on each product page explaining which hitch each lift requires.

Compatibility Confirmation

We want to ensure that you receive a vehicle lift that fits your individual needs. When you work with over the phone, we will verify the compatibility of your vehicle, device and lift prior to placing your order.

Prefer to order online? Don’t worry, has you covered too. All orders placed online will receive a call from a customer service representative from to verify the compatibility of your vehicle, mobility device and the lift you have chosen.

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